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Hotel Rural Santa Cruz

The Hotel Santa Cruz is a rural hotel, where we offer the warmth and comfort of home with the amenities of a hotel.

For years he was LA CASA DEL CURA. Here they lived, since 1850, the priests of the people, until 25 years ago, we got it and now, after so long, we decided to share with you.

After a full restoration, the house has a number of common areas: lobby, reception, kitchen, dining room, the Blue room, the living room and bathroom Marrakech adapted. In the upper rooms are 8 rooms. Outside, in the front, facing south, a large stone patio between walls giving access to the hotel and a large terrace overlooking everything. In the back is the garden, facing west, chaired by an almond centenary. From here, when the Sun wants, you can enjoy incredible sunsets and view reboleras west.